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Waste management and control system

tpsDuring ship operational activity a number of solid and hazardous waste also referred as garbage are produced from galleys, crew cabins, engine room and deck stores. This reviews provides an over view of the current practices on board and examines the evidences that links waste management plan regulations to shipping trade. With strict compliance to international maritime organization’s MARPOLE & IMO regulations which prevents the pollution of sea from ships various discharges, well documented solid and hazardous waste management practice are being followed onboard ship. Incinerators have been installed world-wide within the Marine and Offshore Industry, and for Land Applications such as Power Plants, Hospitals, Airports, and as Transportable Containerized TPS provide the waste management products from the leading manufacturer GERSEN & OLUFEN from Denmark with more than seven decades of experience in Marine industry


tpsIncinerators for various purposes. Incinerators burn the food, sewage and oil waste at high temperatures, reducing the waste to disposable ash. These wastes are present in almost every type of vessels. are


tpsBioreactor is utilizing the submerged fixed –film bacteria principle. It is a 100% biological treatment system able to handle grey and black water from any vessel or offshore facility with no need for filter, memebers or chemical during treatment