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Instrumentation and calibration


Instrumentation Services

We understand that instrumentation is critical for ensuring stable, accurate and reliable control of process. We offer following instrumentation services:

  • Testing, calibration & loop checking through fully trained technicians with certified testing equipment.
  • Installation of Transmitters, Switches & Gauges for Pressure, Temperature Flow and Level application, Control Valves, on / off valves, Safety Valves, panels, junction boxes, cable laying & termination, perforated cable tray work.
  • Installation of hazardous area control systems, fire and gas systems, termination & commissioning of indicators, transmitters and controllers, valves & other field instruments.
  • ACB testing services and current injection tests, Primary Current Injection, Secondary Current Injection, Meters Calibration.
  • Supply of Manpower like skilled Engineers, Technicians for shut down maintenance, installation and commissioning activities on deputation basis.

Calibration Services

We provide test instrument calibration services, either in our own calibration laboratory or at our customers’ sites. All test instrumentation calibration is traceable to international standards.
Our instrument engineers and technicians have many years of experience in the control and instrumentation industry. We offer calibration for of all types of test instruments.
TPS owns various ranges of latest certified test and calibration equipment’s. We offer onsite services of calibrations all across UAE. We also have the ability to hire / deliver and operate other test and calibration equipment as required. We set up equipped laboratory at sites as per requirements

Thermographic Testing of Electrical Equipment

Thermography is non –destructive test method that may be used to detect poor connections, unbalanced loads, deteriorated insulation, or other potential problems in energized electrical components. These problems may lead to excess power use, increased maintenance costs or catastrophic equipment failure resulting in unscheduled service interruptions, equipment damage.