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  • Marine Automation, Monitoring & Control System
  • Instrumentation and Calibration
  • Industrial & Marine Hydraulic and Pneumatic System
  • Waste Management and Control System
  • Marine Communication System
  • Marine Mechanical Repairs
  • Structural / Hull steel & Pipe Works
  • Facility Management
  • Supply & Installation of Diesel Generators, including fuel pipes, Exhaust and fresh air ducting
  • Marine Automation & Control system


    On ship there are many parameters that need to be controlled or monitored including temperature, pressure, level viscosity, flow, position of vessel, speed, machinery status etc. As the market is driving ship owners to become more efficient with reduced staff on board it called for an automatic control and monitoring system for ship that enabled unattended operation of machinery spaces. Vessel capable of safe operation of any period of time qualifies as UMS ships.
    We provide a wide range of automation products from the leading manufactures POWER MASTER MARINE China, Maretron USA, CSI Netherlands who are expertise in Marine Automation and control system.

    Our products are all approved by different classification society

    • GL
    • DNV
    • BV
    • Certification of Marine Sanitation Device
    • US Department of Homeland security
    • Engine Monitoring and Control System
    • Power Management System
    • Engine room Alarm and Monitoring System
    • Valve Control and Monitoring System
    • Propulsion Control System
    • BNWAS
    • Auto blast – Anti healing system
    • Cargo control system
    • Navigation Light Control System
    • Tank monitoring system
    • Water in Oil monitoring system
    • Fuel flow transmitter
    Alarm Annunciator
    Propulsion System


    tpsWater in Oil Monitoring System prevents any break down caused by the water in the lubrication system and possible loss of any engine. Advanced Technology used today composed of various combination of metal and is being exposed to heavy loads. This demands a constant higher need for maintain a good lubricating quality.

  • Instrumentation and calibration

    tpsWe offer a complete range of calibration of temperature, pressure, gas detection instruments, electrical instruments and carry out supply and installation of monitoring equipments. TPS will provide calibration services at our lab as well as onsite.

  • Industrial and Marine - Hydraulic System

    tpsHydraulic System trouble shoot and repair or upgrade as needed.
    Repairing, Overhauling, new installations, testing and Commissioning of Hydraulic, winches, Deck cranes, Steering system, Mooring winches, Anchor windlass power packs, Hatch cover cylinders etc.

    Supply and installation of new pipes, hoses and fittings for Hydraulic & pneumatic system Supply and installation of new pipes, hoses and fittings for Hydraulic & pneumatic system

    TPS Mobile service vehicle is designed to include all the required equipment to make complete hose change on site as quick and simple as possible. TPS also can provide service technicians and mechanics as required to minimize downtime. Our mobile service is available for 24/7 basis.

  • Waste management and control system

    tpsDuring ship operational activity a number of solid and hazardous waste also referred as garbage are produced from galleys, crew cabins, engine room and deck stores. This reviews provides an over view of the current practices on board and examines the evidences that links waste management plan regulations to shipping trade. With strict compliance to international maritime organization’s MARPOLE & IMO regulations which prevents the pollution of sea from ships various discharges, well documented solid and hazardous waste management practice are being followed onboard ship. Incinerators have been installed world-wide within the Marine and Offshore Industry, and for Land Applications such as Power Plants, Hospitals, Airports, and as Transportable Containerized TPS provide the waste management products from the leading manufacturer GERSEN & OLUFEN from Denmark with more than seven decades of experience in Marine industry


    tpsIncinerators for various purposes. Incinerators burn the food, sewage and oil waste at high temperatures, reducing the waste to disposable ash. These wastes are present in almost every type of vessels. are

    Vibration Compensators

    tps Vibration Compensators used to reduce unwanted vibrations of ship and diesel power plant, before it is transferred into other elements. Guide force moments, Unbalanced moments, Axial trust, Hull beam and propeller induced vibrations are the main issues related to low speed two stroke diesel engine. Vibration often lead to limited engine performance, cracking reduced mechanical strength, abnormal wear on rotating machinery of failure of electronic components.
    The servo driven moment compensators reduce or even eliminates the source of vibration due to the unique technology that creates an exact opposite direction with a counterforce identical to the force induced by the engine. The imbalance is neutralized and no stress or vibration will be transferred into the engine foundations and neighbouring structures


    tpsBioreactor is utilizing the submerged fixed –film bacteria principle. It is a 100% biological treatment system able to handle grey and black water from any vessel or offshore facility with no need for filter, memebers or chemical during treatment

  • Marine communication system

    tpsAll Oceans are covered by HF Marine communication service for which the IMO requires to have two coast stations per ocean region. Today almost all ships are fitted with satellite terminal for ship security Alert System (SSAS) and for long range identification and tracking as per SOLAS requirements. TPS provide the products of ELCON – MARINE Denmark who is the experienced manufacturers in Marine Communication system from more than 50 years

    • Elcon CATV System
    • Marine TVRO Antenna
    • Marine VSAT Antenna
    • Yatch Antenna

    tpsElcon has supplied thousands of ships with entertainment systems. TV AT SEA and for all kinds of SHIPS and PLATFORMS - it be commercial ships, cruisers, ferries, luxury yatchs, naval vessels or offshore installations

    Our Partners

    Industrial & Marine Electrical

    • Design of control panels and switchgear
    • Synchronizing and Load sharing panel up to 32 Generators
    • Design, supply and installation of Auto mains failure panel
    • Motor protection circuit breakers and Contactors
    • Motor protection relays
    • AC Motor Drive
    • Metering Instruments and Current Transformers
    • Power factor controller and Thyristor modules
    • Push Buttons & Selection Switches
    • Earth leakage relays

    We are using world renowned DEEP SEA ELECTRONICS PLC modules, LOVATO ELECTRIC, Schneider & ABB switch gears in our control panels. Deep Sea Electronics PLC UK.

  • Marine Mechanical Repairs

    • Engine & gear box repairs
    • All types of Pumps, Valves and Auxiliary Equipments
    • Anchor windlass, Towing winch, Mooring system, etc.
    • Dry dock repairs.
  • Structural / Hull Steel & Pipe Works – Marine, Offshore & Industrial.

    • Welders, Fabricators with adequate expertise in ship repair works are available to carry our given task under our expert supervision. Repairs or renewal of corroded damaged hull plates, new fabrication works and pipe system include test out.
    • Tank and hatch cover repairs.
      QA/QC and HSEQ inspectors are deployed for each new fabrication and /or repair works for structural steel and pipe works
  • Facilities Management

    tpsTPS Facilities Management pledge to ensure that all services provided will be underpinned by technology and robust policies and procedures which will at all times reflect good industry practice within an environment of continuous improvement.

    TPS Facilities Management are proud to be able to respond to all our customers and clients needs quickly and efficiently. Our aim is to exceed our client’s expectations at every stage of contact with them.

    TPS Facilities Management help desk operatives provide our clients with a 24/7 comprehensive job logging service, which is a very important and central part of our over-all response maintenance service.

    The services we provide include:

    • Planned preventative maintenance
    • Full reactive call-out and repair service
    • Heating
    • Air conditioning
    • Ventilation
    • Generators and UPS systems
    • Fire alarms
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Cleaning

    We provide a comprehensive range of facilities management services which, when integrated, allow our customers to realize cost savings and efficiency gains. Our management teams monitor workflow and manage performance against strict key performance indicators, providing our customers with cost certainty and consistency of service

    We undertake Turnkey Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) jobs and Sub Contacts of major Projects including:-

    • Cable tray/ladder installation
    • PVC/Metal conduit piping
    • Power and control cabling
    • Glanding & Termination of armoured/rubber cables
    • Wiring for Power and Lightings
    • Telephone and Data Cabling
    • Wiring and Installation of Fire Alarm /CCTV/Access Control Systems
    • Plumbing
    • Annual Maintenance contracts.

    tpsWe are offering the complete range of Diesel Generating Sets equipped with PERKINS/CUMMINS/VOLVO/DEUTZ engines, STAMFORD/LEROY SOMER/MECC ALTE/MARATHON alternators and DEEP SEA ELECTRONICS Controllers.

    • 25kVA to 2500 kVA
    • 5 to 15kVA Cummins
    • At 220/380/415 volts single and three phase.
    • 50/60 Hz with 1500/1800 rpm
    • Open skid type
    • Closed type with acoustic canopy/container.
    • Trolley mounted
    • Lighting towers
    • Special residential silencers
    • Special radiators for high ambient temperatures
    • Design, Engineering, Installation and Commissioning. We are offering round the clock after sales service to ensure the smooth functioning of your generator.