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Marine Electricals & Automation


Electrical Services

  • Design of control panels and switchgear
  • Synchronizing and Load sharing panel up to 32 Generators
  • Design, supply and installation of Auto mains failure panel
  • Motor protection circuit breakers and Contactors
  • Motor protection relays
  • AC Motor Drive
  • Metering Instruments and Current Transformers
  • Power factor controller and Thyristor modules
  • Rewind/Overhaul Generators and Motors
  • Main Switch board

Automation services


On ship there are many parameters that need to be controlled or monitored including temperature, pressure, level viscosity, flow, position of vessel, speed, machinery status etc. As the market is driving ship owners to become more efficient with reduced staff on board it called for an automatic control and monitoring system for ship that enabled unattended operation of machinery spaces. Vessel capable of safe operation of any period of time qualifies as UMS ships.
We provide a wide range of automation products from the leading manufactures POWER MASTER MARINE China, Maretron USA, CSI Netherlands who are expertise in Marine Automation and control system.

  • Repair, Maintenance , Installation and Commissioning Services
  • Engine Monitoring and Control System
  • Power Management System
  • Engine room Alarm and Monitoring System
  • Valve Control and Monitoring System
  • Propulsion Control System
  • Auto blast – Anti healing system
  • Cargo control system
  • Navigation Light Control System
  • Tank monitoring system
  • Water in Oil monitoring system
  • Fuel flow transmitter


tpsWater in Oil Monitoring System prevents any break down caused by the water in the lubrication system and possible loss of any engine. Advanced Technology used today composed of various combination of metal and is being exposed to heavy loads. This demands a constant higher need for maintain a good lubricating quality.